The Very Best of Johnnie Taylor

Johnnie Taylor
Not For Sale
Album Tracks: 
  1. I Had a Dream
  2. I Got To Love Somebody's Baby
  3. Somebody's Sleeping In My Bed
  4. Next Time
  5. I Ain't Particular
  6. Who's Making Love
  7. Take Care of Your Homework
  8. Testify (I Wonna)
  9. I Could Never Be President
  10. Love Bones
  11. Steal Away
  12. I Am Somebody (Part 2)
  13. Jody's Got Your Girl and Gone
  14. I Don't Wanna Lose You
  15. Hijackin' Love
  16. Standing In For Jody
  17. Doing My Own Thing (Part 1)
  18. Stop Doggin' Me
  19. I Believe In You (You Believe In Me)
  20. Cheaper To Keep Her
  21. We're Getting Careless With Our Love
  22. I've Been Born Again
  23. It's September

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