The Last Real Blues Texas Band (Live)

Doug Sahm
Not For Sale
Album Tracks: 
  1. Intro by Clifford Antone (Live)
  2. Reconsider Baby (Live)
  3. My Dearest Darling (Live)
  4. Bad Boy (Live)
  5. My Girl Josephine (Live)
  6. 'm a Fool To Care (Live)
  7. Something To Remember You By (Live)
  8. Home at Last (Live)
  9. Do Something For Me (Live)
  10. Blessed are These Tears (Live)
  11. Loan a Helping Hand (Live)
  12. When I Fall In Love (Live)
  13. Honky Tonk (Live)
  14. Tell Me the Truth (Live)
  15. Round of Drinks (Live)
  16. T-Bone Shuffle (Live)

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