Rebranding and Refocusing at Rancho Alegre

Rancho Alegre - Preserving and Promoting Conjunto MusicWe're excited to announce that we're doing a little "rebranding" here at Rancho Alegre and getting back in the swing of things, post-festival.

We decided that we have so many projects that we should change our organization's name to simply "Rancho Alegre." That's what everyone calls us anyway.

Rancho Alegre Radio is our broadcast project, which includes our long-form, in-depth interviews, our on-demand playlist on our website, and any future radio shows or stations.

The Rancho Alegre Conjunto Music Festival is our biggest event of the year and happens on Cinco de Mayo weekend. We continue to produce our monthly Rancho Alegre Sunday Tardeadas at Austin's One-2-One Bar during the spring and summer, as well as other shows throughout the year.

Rancho Alegre Records is our tiny, unique, fledgling recording label that is also non-profit and puts the needs of the artists we work with first. We have worked with artists like Ramon Lucio y Conjunto Dominante, Gilberto Perez Jr y Su Conjunto, Mark Weber, Los Arcos Hermanos Peña, Los Enmascarados, B. Santa Ana, Joe Zimmerle, and others. We already have future projects lined up, including the debut album from Brenda Martinez due out later this year.

Rancho Alegre the Flame Thrower is our line of tactical incendiary weapons fueled by tequila and Rancho Alegre the Breakfast Cereal is our vegan cereal shaped like tiny accordions.

We're just kidding about those last two, of course. But man, do they sound amazing!

This part will only matter to design and branding geeks like Piper, but we've also changed our typeface. It's a little easier to read and cleaner looking. So there's that.

The logo itself will continue to be our trademark dancing couple and will return to the black with white outer glow after Pride month is over. And of course, we'll still have fun with it for different holidays or occasions.

Last but not least, we've decided to focus primarily on Conjunto, especially when it comes to live music events. We will make exceptions here and there (particularly for preservation and interview projects), but there are two other 501c3 Tejano nonprofits in Austin (the Austin Tejano Music Coalition and the Tejano Music Alliance of Texas), whom we consider colleagues and friends, doing fine work in presenting live Tejano music events.

That's it for now - stay tuned for more news, projects and initiatives from this little organization that could! We've got a lot of things happening that we're just not ready to share quite yet.

Thank you for all your support.

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