Implacable Explodes with Acrobatic Accordion and Vocal Fireworks

Sunny Sauceda was one of Rancho Alegre Radio’s very first interviews back in 2011. He and his über-talented band, Todo Eso, made time for us after a gig at Cuauhtemoc Hall in San Marcos, and we were taken by his charisma, knowledge, and openness. Among other things, we talked about his career, the benefit of being punctual, and winning the 2005 Grammy Award for Best Tejano Album for Polkas, Gritos y Acordeones, his collaboration with accordion legends David Lee Garza and Joel Guzman.

Fans and fellow musicians remember Conjunto legend, El Si Señor Ruben Naranjo. Featuring the voices of 75 different Conjunto and Tejano artists, collected through interviews from 2011 to 2013. 

Project Battlecat Complete: Welcome to the new Rancho Alegre Radio website!

New Rancho Alegre Radio Playlist


Welcome to our new website, also known as Project Battlecat. You will find the same great content here that we had on the old site, with some pretty significant improvements. We have made the site easier to navigate, information easier to find, and have also made it mobile-friendly.

KLRU PBS to host screenings and panel discussions of upcoming Latino Americans documentary series

This month, KLRU celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with a range of special programs and events that celebrate the Latino experience. To kick things off, KLRU is organizing screenings of the landmark PBS film Latino Americans, a six-hour documentary featuring interviews with nearly 100 Latinos and more than 500 years of history.

Rancho Alegre News: Changes coming to Rancho Alegre Radio website September 15th

Howdy Jolly Ranchers, this is just a quick heads-up that we will be transitioning to a bigger and better website on September 15th.

I’ve dubbed the transformation “Project Battlecat,” and the new site will keep the same look and feel, but things will be easier to find AND the new playlist will be

smart-phone friendly.

Dates scheduled for 2014 Rancho Alegre Conjunto Festival

Start polishing those Stacy’s, the 2014 Rancho Alegre Conjunto Festival will be taking place February 7-9, 2014. Again at the Moose Lodge in Austin, Texas!

Start looking at flights, hotels, banking vacation days, etc…you won’t want to miss this one! Lineup to be announced, but we bring legends, veterans, and up-and-coming conjuntos from all over Texas for a 3-day demonstration of Conjunto power!

7/24/13: Baldomero “El Parrandero” Cuellar to be Interviewed on Super Tejano Radio, Monterrey Mexico

How cool is this? Super Tejano Radio out of Monterrey, Mexico, interviewed our very own Baldomero “El Parrandero” Cuellar about his experiences in the industry and about Rancho Alegre Radio.

It will be broadcast Wednesday, July 24th, at 9 am Central time.

Tune in!

Rancho Alegre to Guest DJ with Ted Branson on KOOP FM’s Under the X in Texas on August 6th

Tuesday August 6th, Baldomero “El Parrandero” and Piper will be hitting the community radio airwaves at KOOP 91.7FM in Austin.

We will be joining program host Austin radio legend and Texas music aficionado Ted Branson in the studio for a morning of Conjunto, classic Tejano, Orquesta, and more. It will be a show you won’t want to miss!


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