For The Love of The Game: Motion Picture Soundtrack

Various Artists
Not For Sale
Album Tracks: 
  1. Summer Wind -Lyle Lovett
  2. Hope -Shaggy
  3. The Fun of Your Love -Jennifer Day
  4. Come Around -Kim Richey
  5. For The Love of The Game -Semisonic
  6. Baby Love -Joan Osborne
  7. Loving You Makes Me a Better Man -Vince Gill
  8. The Only One -Roy Orbison
  9. Paint It Black -Jonny Lang
  10. Reelin' In The Years -Steely Dan
  11. Lover Man -Kami Lyle
  12. Something So Right -Trisha Yearwood
  13. Just One Breath -Mulberry Lane
  14. See You In a Different Light -Chante Moore
  15. The Suite -Basil Poledouris
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