Rancho Alegre Radio Announces SXSW Initiative

One of the frequent complaints and criticisms in the Austin Tejano music community is the lack of Tejano or Conjunto music presented at big festivals like South by Southwest and ACL Fest. It's also one of the questions, along with "where can my band play in Austin?" that we are most frequently asked. These are events that draw artists from all genres from all over the world, yet for some reason, one would be hard-pressed to find a Tejano artist on any of the showcases. 

Well, we would like to do our best to change that. We will have two approaches...

Rancho Alegre Wins WeWork Creator Award!

Creator Awards - Winners - Incubate CategoryRancho Alegre Radio had the distinct pleasure of winning a WeWork Creator Award last night in Austin at ACL Live. We were so very humbled, excited and honored just to have been finalists in the first place! Everyone in our category was inspiring and incredible, as were the finalists in the other two categories.

We sent out a press release to some media this morning...

Paquito Rodriguez Benefit November 8th at the Moose Lodge

Years ago, we had the pleasure of meeting and talking with brothers Raphael and Paquito Rodriguez of Los A-T Boyz, and we've been friends ever since. We were struck by their great attitudes and giving spirit, and continued to notice that their band was always available for any kind of benefit or jamaica or wherever else they were needed. 

During that interview, we learned that Paquito had already battled and survived neuroblastoma, a rare form of cancer that typically affects children. Unfortunately, Paquito finds himself fighting cancer again. 

Rancho Alegre's First Anniversary on KOOP Featured in Austin American-Statesman

Many thanks to Austin American-Statesman columnist Nancy Flores for a great article on us first on her regular blog, Cultura en Austin, but also in the August 24, 2015 print edition. 

You can read the entire article here and also subscribe to her blog for more columns on Austin Latino culture. 

"When Rancho Alegre Radio hit the airwaves on KOOP 91.7 FM last August, it brought Tejano and Conjunto music back to FM radio in Austin.

"We’d been disappointed for years that you couldn’t find Tejano music on FM radio here,” says Rancho Alegre co-host Piper LeMoine. Austin lost the last of its Tejano music radio stations in late 2005, which sparked a fight to get the music back on the airwaves. In 2008, Tejano music returned to the air and was soon simulcast in both FM and AM. However, today Austin has only one Tejano music station — KTXZ 1560 AM— after the FM station switched formats.

"Rather than complain about it, we saw an opportunity to change that,” LeMoine says. She and co-host Baldomero “Frank” Cuellar went through the KOOP radio training and launched the hour-long program, which now airs every Monday at 9 a.m."

Read rest of the story at


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