Si Senor, Joe the Kidd???

okay now, i seem to be picking on "para la gente 95.1" in Austin,Texas, but i have noticed that joe the kidd has been saying "Si Senor" during his live remotes, as well as when he is at a local club called "Tejano Ranch", the only problem i have with it is that this saying belongs to the great late Conjunto legend Ruben Naranjo, so what i guess i want to say to mr. jk is...if you're gonna say that, then play some fucking Ruben Naranjo or at least Ricky Naranjo.

ya see, there are a lot of bands that came out of Ruben Naranjo's Gamblers, and some continue to say "Si Senor", but they do it as a tribute.

i am a long time Ruben Naranjo fan, and if you had a couple of hours, i could tell you all about Conjunto and Tejano music, and it insults me, when you have someone try to take someone else's catch phrase, and try to introduce it to a new audience as your own.

so, the ending message is......

Give Mr. Si Senor Himself Ruben Naranjo the respect he has earned and deserves!...and if you're gonna continue to use his catch phrase, then play his music!

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