Rancho Alegre News: What are we up to?

Hello everyone…wondering what we’re up to?

What are we NOT up to, is the question. We just got back from a whirlwind interview trip  Houston, Corpus, Refugio, Laredo and San Antonio where we interviewed some legendary performers and up and coming artists who hold the key to the future of Tejano and Conjunto music.

We talked with Mickey Mendoza of Mickey y Sus Carnalez, Crystal N Crew, Freddie Martinez (yes, THE Freddie Martinez), Smiley Cuellar of Smiley y La Fuerza Musical, Edgar Vasquez and finished it off with Ram Herrera. We even got a chance to see the amazing Alfredo De La Rosa while we were visiting our friends Rick and Angie De La Rosa in Kingsville. AMAZING trip.

Piper is also in the midst of reprogramming and redesigning our website. All the content will remain, it will just be easier to find, easier to use, and easier for us to keep updated (including the playlist). And of course it will look great.

Last, but DEFINITELY not least…we’re planning our next Conjunto festival. It will take place once again at the Austin Moose Lodge, Austin’s home for Conjunto, during the first weekend of February.

Good times ahead!!

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