piracy, is it always wrong???

alright now, we all know that piracy, as in making copies of cd's and selling them is wrong, it takes money away from the record company as well as the artist.

BUT!?!, what if the record company has quit producing copies of cd's or is out of business? i mean EMI Latin, Sony Discos, have all stopped producing Tejano music, so lost are a lot of great titles by Chente Barrera, Hometown Boys, David Lee Garza y Los Musicales and La Tropa F among others.

the problem? these discontinued titles are still wanted. i know because on my website www.ranchoalegretexas.com i am constantly asked if i would sell them a copy of a discontinued cd....for the record, i only sell cd's that i get through C.E. Distribution out of San Antonio. so i do know the market is still there for these items.

also there are a lot of small record companies that closed, and a lot of them did not sell the masters of classic items to the larger companies.  record companies that have closed include Manny Music, Discos MM, Toca Disc, El Zarape, and Gil Records among others.

add to the fact that a lot of classic titles were lost due to masters being lost, due to misplacement, theft, or damage. which makes these titles even more sought after.

so my thing is this, an average joe now has the technology to copy and create or duplicate a cd, which once again is wrong, but if the record company does not exist, or refuses to produce copies, what is so wrong if the artist who created the material makes copies and sells them at live events? if people want them, and the companies won't produce them, i do not see a problem with this.

examples of cd's that are no longer made are: Los Dos Gibertos "Live from Hollabaloos", Hometown Boys "Live from Hollabaloos", Los Fabulosos 4 "On Our Own" & "Simplemente Fabuloso" featuring Marcos Orozco, Ruben Naranjo "Don Luis el Tejano", "Mi Barquita de Madera" and "La Morena Criminal". and what about Chente Barrera's first album "Puro Toconazo" collectors are really after this one, add Juan P. Moreno's first two cd's, as well as countless titles from Augustin Ramirez, Little Joe, Ruben Ramos and the David Lee Garza like "El Que Mas Te Ha Querido" or Mazz and New Variety Band.

entertainment is about giving people what they want, so if the big companies have forgotten about the people, well i believe someone should step up and give the people what they want.

after all, it's all about the MUSIC!!!!

Note: i refuse to sell copies of classic discontinued items on my website, but i do trade them for other classic titles i may not have.

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