Country Music on Para La Gente!

okay now, it may seem that i am picking on "95.1 para la gente", but c'mon people, what message are they sending? so they have added country to their tejano catalog play-list, basically telling the listener, tejano is not good enough, so here's some country and a little bit of hip-hop.

well i say bullshit! tejano is good enough, and country and hip-hop do not need any help! they have enough powerful stations promoting their music, so leave our one and only weak ass frequency alone. i believe the problem is that jk and andrew pulido want to be a part of country or hip-hop radio, because they know that "para la gente" can be sold or change formats at any time.

once again, this is shit that would never happen in San Antonio's KXTN 107.5, we are quickly becoming the laughing stock of la onda tejana, so "para la gente" will not play Conjunto, but will play country & hip-hop????

like i said before, this formula sunk the old "club 92.5", i guess these guys don't listen or understand that if you forget history, you are bound to repeat it.

management at "para la gente" need to understand, you don't need country or hip-hop, you are the only tejano station in town, you have the market cornered, that's it, all you need to do to bring up ratings is give the tejanos a stronger frequency so that we can hear it all over Austin, and produce better quality shows and play-lists, and maybe get some better trained dj's.

me myself have given up on commercial radio, i am looking at other avenues to take tejano music to a level where it will not be mistreated or ignored. we as tejano's have a rich culture, and our music deserves to be respected.

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