Andrew Pulido's Comment on AJ Castillo

I realized this was kind of buried, as a reply to a comment made on our A.J. Castillo story.  So, we should give it the attention it deserves...

La Guera

2010/10/14 at 6:11 am
 Andrew Pulido

Funny how how a unknown with no balls to put his or her name knows so
much about the Castillo and Pulido family. Funny how this person is so mad that
they bring up Yayo Castillo you forgot to put Yayo and Arturo Castillo y Rumores. Did you forget that Arturo ran that band? AJ took the dynamic dual thing which is just a gimmick and made it bigger than just Austin. You do know what a gimmick is correct? Let me explain I have a 2yr old daughter that can just hear the beat of AJ’s song and know that it’s AJ Castillo, you ask how does she know will his name is in the song(VERY SMART GIMMICK).She would rather hear a cumbia or polka from AJ than watch Yo Gabba Gabba or Blues Clues. That’s what I love about the old tejanos they think that every artist needs to do there time and then you can make it big. Will hell that’s why we have no new artist because the older tejano artist don’t want to loose there spot in the light. Ruben Ramos has been the only one to accept
new artist and collaborate with these young artist. He is the George
Strait(A older Gentleman but still puts out hits) of Tejano music. Now for the person writing the article you did a great job, but it would help if you understood the business. Let me explain, a cover song leads to a quick hit which equals money and exposure which then turns into your next cd. Your second cd then turns into people showing up and paying to see you play in your own backyard( Tejano Ranch) and im not just talking about 20 people or your sisters and brothers paying to see you play.
It also turns into you getting your picture, name, and article coming
out in the statesman. AJ is business man, shit the dude has a business
degree. So he is running his career and band like business learn from
it. Ladies and Gentleman let me introduce you to Andrew Pulido (did u
get it? Thats AJ’s intro) I’m the music director at Para La Gente here in Austin and if you want me to tell you why your music isn’t getting played you can call me at (512) 436-3351 or I can come back on this site and put your music on blast or you can check out my site (see there is another business plug). First of all give me a recording that doesn’t sound like it was recorded in the restroom. Second I could care less if its a remake of a old song or new material because just like AJ The Texas Wranglers which La Guerra (the person who runs this site) supports records nothing but remakes of old Conjunto music and as matter of fact they have recorded country music, a remake of Neon Moon. So tell me La Guerra did you tell them? Conjunto music wasn’t good enough? You say we are killing Tejano music by accepting Country will we interjected Country music because Tejano’s like country music. Really quick here is the definition of a Tejano it is a style of conjunto music originating in southern Texas and combining influences from country music, rhythm and blues, and popular Latin styles.
[American Spanish, Texan, from Tejas, Texas.] GOOGLE IT!! Now back to the music I see that you put JK and me on blast on this site because we bring Country and Hip Hop to the station will you know what don’t listen, but all the Tejanos that show up every Wednesday to our Mix Show and party with us don’t seem to mind. Hell there asking to hear Kenny Chesney and Bruno Mars. Stop living in the glory days of the 90′s when Tejano’s recorded with EMI, SONY, and ARISTA. Where are those record labels now? Thats right no where to be found. They dropped Tejano like a bad habit. We are the new breed of Tejano’s with swag(Google swag if you don’t know). We have to many new influences to stay in the 90′s. How the hell do you think County music has survived this long, why because they have new artist who don’t sound country but they are country. A good example is Lady Antebellum and it started with Shania Twain. All I can say is everyone has a opinion, but until your in the position to make something happen it’s just an opinion. This is why I love the internet, an unknown can come and post something but I know who you are and I’m still not going to play your music. Once again like AJ my number is (512) 436-3351. I’d love to hear from you. Oh and to bring up the Dynamic Dual that was funny because thats like getting mad at Batman and Robin. So I guess that makes you the Joker.

Andrew Pulido
(512) 436-3351

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