And they said it couldn’t be done…

Rancho Alegre is pleased to announce that we will be working with Arturo Balderrama and his organization, the National Puro Conjunto Music Association to help promote and preserve Conjunto music. Together, we will be rekindling lost love for the music and igniting some new flames as well.

We are excited about this collaboration because we sincerely believe that Conjunto not only deserves our attention because of its heritage and its historical importance to Texas music, but because, well, it is AWESOME!! It stands on its own with its irresistible beats and melodies, and unbelievable lyrics that communicate every aspect of life. Just listen to it and you’ll know. It’s simple music and lyrics that express sadness, love, desire, pain, everything that encompasses the human experience, in ways that everyone understands. And you can DANCE to it!!

It’s Roots music, just as Blues is the root of R&B, Soul and Rock and Roll. Just as Honky Tonk and Western Swing are the roots of Country.

We will keep you informed about our efforts, upcoming events and welcome your ideas about how to keep Conjunto alive in Austin. Drop us a line with your ideas and let us know that you love Conjunto as much as we do.

Also, be sure to check out Rancho Alegre Radio. We feature hundreds of great Conjunto recordings from the legends like Ruben Naranjo y Los Gamblers, Ruben Vela, Tony De La Rosa, and new keepers of the flame like Mickey y Sus Carnalez, Los Enmascarados and Da Krazy Pimpz.

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