A.J. Castillo

so, i read castillo's interview on the Austin American Statesman the other day, and i read on how new tejano music should be pushed by radio stations, and that's fine....but!, his thoughts on radio playing tejano classics kinda rubbed me the wrong way.

ya' see, the 90's were the glory days of tejano, EMI Latin,Sony and all the big record companies stood up and noticed tejano music.

tejano bands came out in full force to score a big record deal, but then, something started happening, tejano mainstays like michael salgado,intocable,la tropa f, were all trying to cross over to the bigger norteno market, and the music suffered.

then you had the original tejano record companies like manny music,barbwire,discos mm, drop like flies. then the big record companies dropped their tejano artists, add the death of selena and joe martinez to the mix, and we had a recipe that led to our downfall. then to add insult to injury, the radio stations dropped tejano for norteno or latin pop.

but, a.j. griped about not getting enough airplay, but he forgets, tejano's like rancheras, he is quickly becoming known as a cumbia artist, which is the road to going norteno ala fito olivares or cumbia kings, and he's forgetting something that i totally agree with 100%,

just because it is new, does not make it good enough to get airplay.

tejano covers of michael jackson's "you are not alone" or a tejano cover of "stand by me" does not impress me, and it is bands looking for a quick hit with a novelty song.

so a.j., give us some tejano rancheras, tell your tejano buddies to come out with original straight from the heart tejano music, and make it the best you can, and you, only you, can take over the tejano scene, by making hits that can overshadow the 90's, no one can give that to you, you gotta earn it.

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