Conjunto Calidad

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Johnny Moreno or Frank Sanchez
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Performed at the Rancho Alegre Conjunto Festival in: 
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Conjunto Calidad is an exceptional group based out of Seguin, Texas. Like their name implies, Conjunto Calidad aims to put on a quality show every time.

Johnny Moreno and Frank Sanchez founded Calidad when Johnny wanted to gift his mother a live band for her birthday. Conjunto Calidad was born and they've been going strong ever since.

Johnny Moreno is Conjunto Calidad's accordionist. He started his musical journey at a young age. He enjoyed sitting in with church groups and other bands when he was younger. His brother, now passed on, was a major inpspiration for Johnny growing up. Johnny looked up to his brother and his gift for music.

Frank Sanchez plays bajo sexto for Conjunto Calidad. Frank grew up with a love of conjunto music. As a young boy, Frank loved listening to conjunto and especially looked forward to attending conjunto dances. His father also played bajo sexto and had his own group back in the day, Bella Rosa.

Matt Rodela is Conjunto Calidad's drummer. If you have not guessed by his last name, Matt comes from a musical family with some noteworthy history. Matt grew up listening to his father, Matilde Rodela Jr., and his aunt, Lupita Rodela, rehearsing for their family band, Lupita Rodela y su Conjunto. Lupita Rodela is one of only a few female accordionists to have led her own group. Futhermore, she made her mark in the male-dominated genre while blind. Matt showed an early interest in the drums and would often sacrifice playtime outside as a kid to better his skills on the kit. Matt would eventually go on the road and joined the family band. He is especially greatful to his parents and siblings for being supportive of his drumming and putting up with him through all those years of practicing.

Tomas Esquivel is Cojunto Calidad's bass player. Like Matt, Tomas came from a musical family. Three of his siblings pursued music. His brother Henry, AKA Kiki, played guitar for David Lee Garza y Los Musicales. His other brother, George, currently plays for grupo Maldad. Both, Henry and George, spent a time with Emilio Navaira y Grupo Rio. Tomas' other brother Danny, now passed on, was a guitarist and vocalist for Rocky and OBG band.

The group shares a deep passion for conjunto music and they, as a unit, strive to keep this musical tradition going. Conjunto Calidad is currently working on a new album.

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